• 100% linen stripe fabric 58
Linen Club Fabric by exclusive_silks  has got the class of linen with the ease and comfort of contemporary fabrics. That makes Linen Club Fabrics all time favourite for the Royal lifestyle.
initially we have manufactured white colour fabric with pink and peach  stripes~1 inch wide each stripe-58 inches wide{about 150 cms} in light pink colour{8 yards} and peach colour{16 yards},
All our Linen Club fabrics are made.....

From 100% French and Belgian fibre.

With great skill at each stage of production.

With the finest technology to make the Linen.

With the most delicate Italian finishing technology.


Higher moisture absorption capacity, almost double than cotton, makes it a thirsty fabric.

Linen allows the skin to breathe, and is extremely comfortable under all weather conditions. Cool in Summer and warm in Winter and refreshed in humid weather.

Linen helps to protect the skin from harmful UV rays Natural Anti bacterial-Health Fabrics With repeated washings, the fabric attains new sheen and airiness which makes it even more skin-friendly.

Extremely durable and wear-resistant.

Naturally Anti static hence repels dust.

Naturally Anti bedsore.

Pure linen influence the lowering of muscle tensions.

Extremely soft and supple, hence enhanced body comfort, If you've not sewn, worn and decorated with Linen , Your in for a Treat....
first image~pink colour
second image-peach colour

100% linen stripe fabric 58

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