• 100% cotton gauze rod top curtain, 54 inches x 108 inches

100% Cotton Gauze rod top Curtain, 54 inches X 108 inches~Our gauze curtains are delicate, sheer, and drape beautifully. They provide privacy and let light in at the same time. You can hang them as regular curtains over windows or use them to make bed or ceiling canopies. For window coverings with an attractive draped effect, you will need two inches of gauze curtain width for every inch of window width. For a typical bed canopy, use 8 gauze curtains, either all the same color or a combination of similar tones to provide a soft variegated look. You can also just wind one or two gauze curtain sheers loosely around a curtain rod, letting them drape along the bar and at the ends, to add color and interest to your room, without covering the window or blocking any light. Gauze curtains provide exactly the right airy feeling required for decorating in hot climates or summer retreats. Inexpensive and Versatile, Use Them as Sheer Curtains, Bed Canopies, or Decorative Draping over Curtain Rods ,Cool Water Hand Wash, Hang to Dry,proudly made in India
USD$20.99 FOR 1 PANEL. + shipping,please email us if you need other sizes.EXTRA CHARGES FOR CUSTOMISED COLOR BESIDES IVORY 6$ PER PANEL

Martine Sheer Drape

we can dye any colour of your choice{extra cost}

100% cotton gauze rod top curtain, 54 inches x 108 inches

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