• 8 wales cotton corduroy~mocha

8 wales 100 % cotton corduroy~mocha color-under production-usd$11 per yard plus shipping{email us for rates}.The Perfect Cord For A Pair Of Pants, Skirts Jackets. 8 wales per inch 48" Wide~ 100% cotton Corduroy:. A cut filling-pile fabric with lengthwise ridges, or wales,Corduroy: A cut filling-pile fabric with lengthwise ridges, or wales, that may vary from fine (pinwale) to wide. Extra filling yarns float over a number of warp yarns that form either a plain-weave or twill-weave ground. After the fabric is woven the floating yarns are cut, and the pile is brushed and singed to produce a clear cord effect. Originally a cotton fabric, it may also be made of man-made fibers such as rayon, polyester, or acrylic. It is used in the manufacturing of trousers, coats, and slip covers

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we can dye bright barbie pink too

8 wales cotton corduroy~mocha

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