• sand beige silk satin 44"

sand beige silk satin 44"-backed satin with a tight weave and shiny buffed surface. A lush silk that is easy to sew but needs to be underlined to maintain shape. This is a satin that is reminiscent of turn-of-the-century ball gowns glistening under gaslight chandeliers. Excellent for for bridal, christening, fancy evening ballgowns. It would also make beautiful drapes, although expensive.
"Please be aware that silk is a natural product and, therefore, will always have a small amount of natural flaws, therefore, particularly for dressmaking, it is always advisable to order a little bit more than you actually need. We give this information in good faith as we would like all our customers to be happy with their projects".,usd$16 per yard

sand beige silk satin 44"

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